Frameworks & CU Core Automation

SiriusXM / CCUA - CU Program

In 2016, Monetary Labs built a fresh new web portal design that is easy to navigate and provides useful information to current and new SXMCU Program subscribers. The design conveys to potential subscribers that Cooperative Credit Union Association has a professional, reliable partnership with SiriusXM.

The goal of this project was to create an upbeat user experience to help motivate prospected credit unions to sign up for the SXMCU Program. We  assisted in creating a brand identity and overall theme for the project. In conjunction with 3rd party data aggregator content that was provided, we designed an easy to understand portal solution. The portal included: registration and login capabilities, data aggregator transport instructions, marketing collateral hub, and reporting functionality.

In keeping with good design principles. This project was built using today's web standards and designed with all platforms and browsers in mind. We conducted in house quality assurance auditing which consisted of conducting usability testing on a wide range of desktop browsers and mobile devices.

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