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Lobby Branch Managment
Lobby6 1.0

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We have created the next generation of lobby management software. Lobby6 is compatible with all tablet and computer platforms, and is instantly scalable and deployable. Encrypted Amazon AWS Cloud servers keep your data protected and accessible from anywhere at lightning speeds.

Gain access to employee statistics and real time information at the tips of your fingers. Review employee and branch performance and export up-to-the-minute reports directly to your email.

Cloud Driven

Leveraging Amazon Web Services technologies we relieve the stress of implementing both hardware and software to guarantee an uptime of 99.9%.

Reporting and Statistics

  • Recall performance records of employees or locations for various time intervals.
  • Export reports directly to email for easy access and mobility.
  • Easily find specific tickets by partial name, date, requested products/services or any combination of those fields.
  • View detailed arrival and departure metrics for any selected time period.
  • Monitor wait times, view branch and employeee performance, and manage your users experience all from one central holistic portal.

  • Retrieve reports from any device at your leisure. Lobby6 eliminates the need for overcomplicated data sorting and manual graph creation. We have made report generation easier than it has ever been.