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Design and Branding are two of our team's top specialties at SideResult. We pay close attention to the details that create a positive perception by the end-user while maintaining a very fast-paced turn-around time to benefit our customers. Our team has decades of experience with many different methods of design, and we are always excited to get involved with new projects.

We design everything from basic media layout to comprehensive corporate re-branding. Our design services include logos, style guides, print media, online presence, and much more!


Software development is sometimes a foreign place for people in many industries. When software requirements and hardware updates are changing so rapidly, it's easy for projects to get derailed; our goal is to help you navigate your project successfully through that unfamiliar place.

Our team at SideResult aims to make the process as pain free as possible from start to finish. All our projects are accomplished by an experienced team of in-house developers and we can't wait to see what project you bring us.

Mike Bundy has been a professional cross-platform software developer for nearly twenty years. He founded his first web development company when he was sixteen, and has been advancing his skill set ever since. His passion for software development and finding creative solutions to problems boils over into all aspects of his life.

As a founder of SideResult Software Mike serves as the lead developer and software project manager. His ability to visualize and execute development is essential in the infancy of a project. Mike is heavily involved during the brainstorming and workflow steps. Conceptualizing what each project needs to become in order to be successful is vital to ensure that the correct first steps are taken in the the creation of ground-breaking software. When a road map is not necessarily available, Mike helps find one by touching and interacting directly with a wealth of new ideas and established techniques to follow.

With over eighteen years of experience, Josh Mosbrucker has a true sense of design. With a strong background in industrial fabrication and graphic design, manual dexterity and a keen eye for precision are the building blocks of Josh's expertise. Not limited to traditional views of form and function, Josh constantly pushes to stretch boundaries and find exciting new creative direction. This thirst for forward momentum has led him to expand into print media, layout design, user interface, 3D modeling, and front-end web development.

As a founder of SideResult Software Josh serves as lead designer and creative director. He approaches each project with a keen eye for detail, presenting the product in the way that best fits the image and direction of each client. The fast-paced and ever-expanding canvas of life is a testament to Josh's creative ethos: plant your flag firmly if you want to disrupt an entire industry.


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